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How Much Does It Cost to Send a Pallet to Amazon?

 How Much Does It Cost to Send a Pallet to Amazon?

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Pallet to Amazon?

Amazon has recently changed the way that pallet deliveries are booked into their Fulfilment Centres across the UK and Europe.

This has forced hundreds of businesses to wonder how much it costs to send a pallet to Amazon, but also, what the changes mean for them as an Amazon seller.

Essentially, vendors are no longer allowed to use the previous Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP) system to book their deliveries with Amazon. Instead, it is advised that Amazon sellers must book a delivery to their chosen Fulfilment Centre through a trusted Amazon-approved and preferred carrier.

This leads to the question of whether the new booking process will incur additional costs for businesses throughout the country.

How Do You Send Pallets to Amazon?

First of all, an Amazon pallet delivery is very different to normal shipments. You have to follow their strict packing and labelling requirements for your shipment to even be accepted. If your pallet does not meet Amazon's packing requirements, then your shipment will simply be rejected and returned to you right away.

When it comes to fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon handles everything past the point of the pallet shipping itself. For this, your goods would need to be delivered to the Fulfilment Centre by an approved carrier. If you attempt to deliver the goods yourself, Amazon will not accept your pallet delivery and you will have to start the process all over again.

You should also consider the height of the pallet and all other restrictions before planning on shipping your products to Amazon; you can check these details in your Amazon Seller Central account.

This way, you can become familiar with items that you are prohibited to send to their warehouses as well as their strict packing and wrapping requirements, too. Everything you need to know about Amazon FBA can be found in your Amazon Seller account, but if you are ever in doubt, never be afraid to ask!

Can Anyone Deliver To Amazon Fulfilment Centres?

As much as you would rather deliver the goods directly to Amazon yourself, and while we completely understand that you may have your own means of delivering your goods to Fulfilment Centres, getting them onto Amazon to sell, they simply do not and will not allow this.

At present, only Amazon-approved pallet couriers are allowed to make an Amazon pallet delivery. This means that you will have to do some research before arranging your FBA shipment and finding a reliable and trustworthy preferred carrier to assist you.

Once you find the best Amazon preferred carrier, you can then proceed to discuss booking delivery slots with them. Each carrier will typically do things slightly different from one another, so keep in mind that getting to know their system and how it all works may take a little getting used to.

You will want to work with the courier as closely as possible to try and obtain the earliest delivery slot Amazon can offer you. Keep in mind that these delivery slots are dependent on capacity and shipping volumes at each Fulfilment Centre. So, the delivery date you request in your booking may not always be the delivery date Amazon confirms in the end.

Even if your business is down the road from the appropriate Fulfilment Centre, attempting to deliver the goods yourself will result in Amazon refusing to accept. In short, Amazon is normally pretty good at adhering to guidelines and like to follow suit, so your journey would be wasted.

How Do I Send a Pallet to Amazon FBA?

If you are planning on sending a pallet to Amazon FBA, you first need to contact a reliable and approved Amazon carrier. By doing this, you are one step closer to confirming a delivery slot and finally selling on Amazon!

Once you have contacted a pallet courier, you will be asked to book a pallet collection and request a delivery date; this is the date you would ideally like your goods to reach the FC. But again, please keep in mind that the date you request may not always be available and Amazon may need to push your delivery slot back slightly.

From there, the courier will make a booking request on your behalf. This is normally the same date you initially requested in your booking with them but is not always guaranteed. Then the courier will wait for Amazon to respond to their request, confirming the delivery date before updating the order status or tracking information.

Supposing there is a significant wait after the collection is complete and confirmation of the delivery date is still yet to come through, the pallet courier may offer to store your goods in their warehouse. This is normally free of charge until they get further confirmation of the delivery date.

However, this depends on the courier you are shipping with; some may apply additional charges for this service, while others do not charge. After all, the circumstances are out of your control beyond collection and it is down to the courier and Amazon to agree on and confirm a delivery date for your shipment.

Where Are Amazon Fulfilment Centres in the UK?

There are several UK-based Amazon Fulfilment Centres, but selecting the right one is crucial in ensuring your goods are sent to the right location. Sending them to the wrong FC can result in severe delays, or worse, refused delivery.
While there may be a Fulfilment Centre nearer to you than another, there are specific FCs that accept different types of goods. So, double-checking that you have entered the right Fulfilment Centre before arranging your delivery is vital.

We have listed all UK-based Amazon Fulfilment Centres below:
BHX1 - Rugeley
BHX2 - Coalville
BHX3 - Daventry
BHX4 - Coventry
BHX5 - Rugby
BRS1 - Bristol
CWL1 - Swansea
EDI4 - Dunfermline
EMA1 - Derby
EMA2 - Sutton in Ashfield
EUK5 - Peterborough
EUKA - Peterborough
EUKB - Peterborough
EUKD - Widnes
GLA1 - Gourock
LBA1 - Doncaster 1
LBA2 - Doncaster 2
LBA3 - Doncaster Pantry
LCY1 - Amazon Fresh
LCY2 - Tilbury
LTN1 - Milton Keynes
LTN2 - Hemel Hempstead
LTN4 - Dunstable
MAN1 - Manchester
MAN2 - Warrington
MAN3 - Bolton
MAN4 - Chesterfield
MME1 - Durham/Darlington
MME2 - Bowburn
PUKC - Deeside
XBH1 - Daventry
XBH2 - Rugby 2
XUKA - Runcorn
XUKK - Birmingham

How Should I Pack My FBA Items?

Before you go and book your FBA delivery, you need to know exactly how to pack your items for safe shipping to Amazon. Becoming familiar with Amazon's packing requirements will reduce the risk of your shipment being rejected or delayed in any way.

To make sure everything stays in place during transit, we always recommend using plenty of protective materials, like bubble wrap and peanuts. By plenty, we mean fill each box as much as possible with protective packing materials and leave no air space. Leaving air space means that your items will shift on the move, potentially causing damage.

If your items reach the Fulfilment Centre damaged, they will be turned away or disposed of and you will have lost a substantial amount of money as a result. So, remember to stock up on your packing materials as they will prove worthwhile when everything arrives intact.

Unfortunately, you must pack all pallets yourself. Assisting with loading, packing and wrapping FBA shipments is something that no pallet courier can or will do, so learning how to get it right on your own the first time is something you need to do well in advance. This way, you can be certain that your shipment will be accepted the first time around.

For more details regarding sending a pallet to Amazon, please contact us by calling 0845 658 0049 or by sending a message via Live Chat. Our friendly customer support team is always happy to help.

You can also get more information on how to properly pack your pallet for Amazon FBA shipments by visiting our Help Centre.