Choosing the Best Pallet Delivery Company

Choosing the Best Pallet Delivery Company

As we all know, pallet delivery is one of the most efficient and cost-effective transport solutions around. More and more people - be them suppliers, sellers and so on - have all considered delivering their goods with a pallet delivery company at one point.

Given that the industry just keeps on growing, it is safe to say that all of those that have decided to use a pallet courier did not return to their former transport means.

However, choosing the best delivery company can be hard. There are a lot of delivery companies out there and most of them don't come with as many benefits as expected.

Without further ado, we'll talk you through selecting the best delivery company out of all your options.

The Benefits of Using a Pallet Delivery Company

Before we start telling you how to choose the best delivery company, let's take a brief look at the benefits you can take advantage of when using one.

  • Saves you or your business money – such companies can ship a large number of goods and can reduce the risk of damaging them. They can do all of this for little cost, compared to other means of shipping large numbers of goods. For example, if you were to send several smaller shipments with a local courier, you are likely to spend more money, in the long run, doing this.
  • Reputation boosting – with a trusty pallet delivery company, your goods will always reach their destination on time and undamaged. Therefore, you will have only satisfied, happy customers. And a happy customer often means a returning customer for your business. Plus, if your customers are always happy with their shipment, they are more likely to leave you a good review without being prompted!
  • Safety and security of goods – as they are on a pallet, your goods won't fall over during transit. Inside a pallet truck, everything is tightly packed together and well-secured. The pallet itself allows more security and assurance that everything will arrive intact and together as it should. Remember not to leave any air when packing your items, as this means there is space for your items to move!

Choosing the Best Pallet Delivery Company

Let's move on to the things you have to consider when choosing a pallet delivery company. The more features such a company has, the more benefits and advantages you get!

  • Trustworthy – you will want to stay away from any freight broker. The pallet delivery company of your choice must have a network of dedicated depots so that you are sure that your goods will never be given to any unknown delivery companies. An easy way of finding this out is by researching the pallet courier before booking, delving into their connections with certified distribution networks to see if they are a legit courier.
  • Palletline Network – you will want pallet companies that are partnered with the Palletline network, as it provides them – and, thus, you – with more shipping options and increased safety and security of your goods. Palletline is the pioneer of pallet distribution, and millions of people ship their goods through their network every day.
  • Amazon Deliveries – if you are a seller on Amazon, then the company that you choose must be able to deliver pallets to Amazon's Fulfilment centres. This means that the pallet courier is one of Amazon's preferred carriers. By choosing a courier that is not a preferred carrier, you are risking the safety of your goods and more importantly, your reputation as an Amazon seller.
  • Collections and Deliveries – depending on the importance of your business and on how fast you want your goods to reach your customers, you might want to choose a company that specializes in same-day collections and next day deliveries.
  • Order Tracking – for more safety and security, you should be able to track your order after the pallet has left your house or the company's warehouse. With such information, you'll be able to estimate the arrival time of your goods and pass this information to your customers.
  • Customer Care ­– all pallet companies should have competent and friendly customer service. After all, if there's any problem with your pallet, you'll have to talk to them.

Our Final Thoughts

Essentially, the pallet delivery company you choose must have everything you need to make your business easier to run. However, even if you are not running a business and only ship pallets from time to time, you will want to rely on the best delivery company that comes with as many benefits as possible.

We believe we have the perfect solution for you. At PalletOnline, we believe we have the best pallet delivery service in the UK and our customer support is second to none.

For any questions regarding booking a pallet delivery, please get in touch with us by calling 0345 658 0049 or send us a message through our Live Chat service.

Questions & Answers

Start by selecting a pallet spacious enough to hold your items with no overhanging on the edges. Then secure your goods to the pallet by either strapping, shrink or stretch wrapping and attach a label to your pallet ready for delivery.

You can buy pallets from many manufacturers throughout the UK, but you can also look around places like supermarkets, wholesalers, industrial areas and small businesses for second-hand pallets. Though the strongest pallets are bought directly from manufacturers are have never been used before.

The two best ways of securing items to a pallet are strapping and shrink wrapping. When strapping items, you should make sure you use at least two straps and loop them through the pallet forks. While shrink wrapping requires plenty of shrink wrap and a heat gun to carefully apply heat, loosening the film to tighten for extra protection.

Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used when wrapping items for shipment. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly secured to prevent shifting during transportation.

Plastic, stretchy wrap is usually tear-resistant and can hold large items together for the duration of the shipment. Plastic wrap is often used on furniture with drawers and doors to stop them from sliding or causing damage when moving.