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Amazon FBA Seller Central Tips
Wednesday 4th March 2020
 You’ve decided to become an Amazon FBA seller. Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) represents the online giant’s fulfilment and logistics department, which aims at making the procedures more straightforward for Amazon sellers. Signing up to Amazon FBA comes with a bunch of advantages, such as saving a lot of money and time, among other things... Read More
Fulfilment by Amazon Guide
Thursday 18th April 2019
If you are the owner of a small business that specializes in selling and delivering goods, then you might have heard of the Amazon FBA delivery service. However, what you may not know is that we, PalletOnline, can help you with the Fulfilment by Amazon part of your business. In short, besides the usual pallet delivery services that all the collection and delivery companies offer, we can also help you set up and deliver your goods to certain Amazon fulfilment centres... Read More
Top 5 Mistakes when Selling on Amazon FBA
Monday 25th March 2019
A business that’s based on Amazon FBA can lead to a great income! As reports suggest, the FBA program has seen constant increases over the years; for example, it had a growth of 65% percent in 2014. However, while success is definitely at the end of the line, one would have to work hard in order to reach it. In short, you can’t just send a pallet to Amazon and think that the job is as good as done... Read More
Amazon Fulfilment Pallet Deliveries
Tuesday 12th March 2019
We all know that when it comes to cost-effectiveness, sending a pallet to Amazon is much cheaper than parcels. In other words, your return on investment will increase if your goods are being sent on a pallet to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. However, if you want to send a pallet to Amazon, you must be aware of the fact that the pallet must respect some guidelines in order to be approved... Read More
Amazon Reported Delays over Christmas Period
Friday 7th December 2018
Over the last few days there has been an increase in pallets being delivered to Amazon Fulfilment Centre(s) over the entire network. This has resulted in unloading delays at Amazon FC’s. We have documented the expected wait times below for each fulfilment centre with delays... Read More