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Micro Up to 150kg Micro Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
Quarter Up to 250kg Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
Half Up to 500kg Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
Full Up to {{amazon == 0 ? '1,200kg' : '1,000kg'}} Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
Oversized Up to 1,200kg Oversized Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 240cm x 120cm
Kindly note oversized pallets must booked as full pallet spaces.
Please ensure you have entered valid locations to proceed.
All pallets must have standard UK lifting access depth from all sides.
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Click to send to Amazon fulfiment centres.

Amazon Pallet Delivery Service for FBA Sellers & Vendors. Send with an Amazon Approved Carrier.

Ship goods to any UK Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centre with PalletOnline

PalletOnline is the UK's leading Amazon approved carrier. Thousands of people trust us to deliver their pallets to Fulfilment Centres across the UK. We will handle your FBA delivery with the very same level of care. To book your Amazon pallet delivery, all you need to do is arrange a collection and select the goods in your Amazon Seller Central account. From there, we take care of the rest!

Amazon Approved

Cost Effective

Same Day Collection

We are Amazon approved and trusted by thousands to deliver pallets directly to UK Fulfilment Centres; Sending pallets is much more cost-effective than sending several smaller shipments. Plus, if you order before 11:30 am on Monday - Friday, we can collect on the very same day.

What Our Customers Say

Customer: ALI

Always excellent to work withI’ve had an issue or two that have been my fault and pallet online have been quick and easy to resolve itI thank you very much


Saturday 13th August 2022

Customer: PUREVIVO

Very professional service and prompt delivery. Simply the best for me.


Friday 8th July 2022

Customer: SAULIUS

Good job.


Tuesday 5th July 2022

Customer: OLEGS

Very good


Sunday 3rd July 2022

Customer: MALVIKA

Excellent service


Friday 1st July 2022

Customer: JOHN

Not the cheapest service but we have used cheaper services before and it ended up costing us more in returns and late delivery. Extremely reliable Amazon delivery service.


Tuesday 28th June 2022

Our customers say Excellent based on 107 reviews. logo
Amazon Parcel - Amazon Delivery

Amazon Pallet Size Guide

Amazon accept standard 1 x 1.2 metre 4-way access wood pallets. Shrink wrap must be clear when delivering to UK fulfilment centres.

Quarter Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery
Length: 1200mm Length: 120cm Length: 47.24in Length: 3.94ft Length: 1.2m Width: 1000mm Width: 100cm Width: 39.37in Width: 3.28ft Width: 1.0m Height: 600mm Height: 60cm Height: 23.62in Height: 1.97ft Height: 0.6m Max Weight: 551lbs Max Weight: 250kg
Half Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery
Length: 1200mm Length: 120cm Length: 47.24in Length: 3.94ft Length: 1.2m Width: 1000mm Width: 100cm Width: 39.37in Width: 3.28ft Width: 1.0m Height: 1000mm Height: 100cm Height: 39.37in Height: 3.28ft Height: 1.0m Max Weight: 1102lbs Max Weight: 500kg
Full Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery
Length: 1200mm Length: 120cm Length: 47.24in Length: 3.94ft Length: 1.2m Width: 1000mm Width: 100cm Width: 39.37in Width: 3.28ft Width: 1.0m Height: 1800mm Height: 180cm Height: 70.86in Height: 5.91ft Height: 1.8m Max Weight: 2,204lbs Max Weight: 1,000kg
Amazon Parcel - Amazon Delivery

Most Popular Questions


How does it work? 

At PalletOnline, we like to keep things simple. All you need to do is visit the amazon page on our website, let us know a few details about your shipment, then sit back and relax whilst we collect your goods, arrange your booking in slot with Amazon, and get your goods delivered.


Which FBA Fulfilment Centres do you deliver to?

As Amazon's preferred pallet carrier, we're able to deliver pallets into every fulfilment centre in the UK! You can see a full list of FCs on our amazon page when you get a quote.


Can you explain the FBA terminology? 

Although shipping terms may seem foreign to many of us, they're not actually as complex as they seem. Have a look at our full article about Amazon FBA terminology to learn some of the most popular terms used in day to day shipping.


Can you give me some more info about the delivery guidelines? 

Amazon tend to be quite strict with the quality of the pallets they receive. Amazon accepts GMA grade B or higher, 1 x 1.2-metre 4-way access wood pallets or 1 x 1.2-metre CHEP pallets. See more requirements in our full article.


How do I go about getting a Bill of Lading / Proof of Delivery?

Good news! You don't need to worry about your BOL or POD. As PalletOnline handle your booking in for you, we will provide you with a BOL/POD within ten days of your goods reaching Amazon.


How has using PalletOnline benefited other sellers? 

Thousands of Amazon sellers and vendors depend on our services to deliver their goods into fulfilment centres across the nation. Sit back and relax whilst we handle the booking in process for you.

Amazon FAQs
Amazon Parcel - Amazon Delivery

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