New Pallet Delivery Website Launched!

New Pallet Delivery Website Launched!

We are delighted to launch the new PalletOnline website! Pallet deliveries just got a serious upgrade. We have been putting together our new look for months behind the scenes. The curtains have been pulled back and we’re packing a whole lot more than just a make over.

Pallet delivery and collection has never been easier. We’ve took the stresses of online booking and removed them from the equation. Booking a pallet delivery should now take one or two minutes maximum.

Below you will find details of some of the new features that are now available.

Faster Website

Our pallet delivery system has been on diet over the last few months. We’re proud to show you the outcome. We have compressed and reduced the size of our website to make booking pallet deliveries faster than ever before. The amount of options you’re faced with when you first land on our website have also been reduced. Less is more when it comes to navigation. It’s now much simpler to find your way around the PalletOnline website. The countries drop down also got an update. Sending a pallet delivery to Ireland is now much simpler. We will ask for your county when delivering to Ireland rather than a post code.

Streamlined Checkout

We have made our checkout faster to get through. Doing away with as much clutter as possible. It’s a safe and secure way to order your pallet delivery. Options are filtered by availability in your area. This saves time selecting through options which may not be available. It also reduces on admin for both parties as you now get exactly what you want without any hassle. Our collection dates also got an update. Date automatically move you to the correct dates we can collect and deliver your pallet on.

Account Benefits

Having an account with us comes with many benefits. Checkouts are now faster than ever as we strip back on asking for some details that we already know. We have also cleaned up the whole members area to give it a much better feel. We’re bringing more options to make pallet delivery ordering even faster for members, but we’ll announce those later. Keep your eyes peeled and you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Fulfilment

Our popular Amazon FBA pallet delivery service got a big upgrade. You can now get a pallet delivery quote directly from our Amazon Fulfilment page. We have introduced a drop down of all the Amazon Fulfilment Centres we are an approved carrier for. Just select the FC and provide us with your collection post code to get started with your quote. Beyond that we made the checkout experience easier too. Our terminology for Amazon Reference and FBA numbers now matches Amazons. We now auto fill in the address of the FC for you. We’ve added in new checkout options too.

Better Support

We started live chat on our existing site and it’s been a hit with our customers, who rated us 4.9 stars out of 5 from our live chat conversations so far. Enabling us to help more customers than ever since we introduced live chat. We have now taken our support to the next level. The new site comes with a support ticket system to track any issues that may occur. We’ve also revamped our FAQ’s and turned it into a knowledge base. Providing better quality of answers and more of them. We’ve also added to our support team, but we’ll get to that in another point.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

We’ve checked and double checked every page to work on mobile, tablet and desktop. Pallet delivery is now simple no matter if you’re out and about or in the office. We also trim down some parts of our website to work better and load faster when on a mobile device. We have put a lot of work in making sure you don’t have to work hard to book a pallet delivery or collection.

New Faces

There are new people in our increasingly strong team. We now have an Ecommerce Manager leading the way online. David Mollart joins with 20 years web development and ecommerce experience. He will be pushing the pallet delivery industry into the future. Also joining the team is Nathan Craig who heads up our Live Chat. Nathan has vast experience in live chat already. He will be happy to answer your pallet collection and delivery questions. We also have additional internal staff on board to keep the wheels turning smoothly.


That’s it for now, thanks for taking your time to read this far. If you have any ideas for features, please feel free to let us know via live chat. We’re constantly looking to improve our service and website.

The work on the next phase of upgrades has already begun. Stick with the blog to stay updated on what’s next for our pallet delivery website. We’re just getting warmed up.

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